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Need Tech Support That is Fast !!!

AR Repair are happy to announce we are selling personalized maintenance for any business or personal computers you would like covered. 


This maintenance covers all different range of services from cable management to software bugs and cleaning out dust from your machines. Here at AR Repair we want to help keep your machines running and organised as possible, reason why we have decided to bring this out. We know old machines and cabling can be an issue and people do not have much time to adjust this either over time or not have the capability to be able to stay on top of this, so that’s where we come in we will tailor make a maintenance contract to fit your needs and your amount of computers. 


At affordable prices we tailor the contract for the year to help you with what you require help with. We give you healthy tips, tricks and advice to help you have a much better experience with your computer/s.  Our expert technicians will come to your office or home and help fix these little issues that get you stuck or unsure at any time during your contract and get round to you as soon as possible. 


Prices start from only £70 a year.