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AR Repair has become a known Apple Repair Service in London that puts you in control of when you want it repaired. We will come to your weather your at work or at home with hands full we will work round you to get your device fixed.  What started out as a hobby has now become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. We offer high quality repairs at affordable prices. Our intense passion for fixing what’s broken from a broken screen to liquid damaged Logic Board, has brought us to the forefront of the repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there.

AR Repair is made up by extremely skilled and highly trained technicians have 7 + years in the repair industry, working for many different repair companies and their shops. AR Repair was made with putting customer's and busy lives first, we have been customers ourselves and we noticed that some business quality could've been better or was not covering customers as much as they could. So, we decided to search for the best supplier of parts on the market and use their parts and put labour at an affordable price. AR Repair commit on coming to you and you book us in your time whether your in the office or at home we come to you. 

AR Repair knows what a hassle it is to make time work wait periods without your device as we have been customers ourselves. We was not happy how quick such small easier repairs was taking so, with us coming to you shows that we can do most of the repairs within the day with our parts being ordered next day delivery *Monday - Thursday* to help push and get your device back up and running as fast as you need it back. 

Our Team are here to put repairs and timeframes around you. We do not have a shop and you do not need to leave your Mac, iPhone or iPad with us for days. As we come to you you will be around your device at all times, we obey data protection acts and copy right laws and you will able to see how long we take and what we do from distance. We keep our Technicians safe and you safe from being electrocuted. 

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